Gettin’ Down to Business

So, I’m going to get straight to business with this post! Tomorrow, as in Tuesday, my team will be performing our First Concert!!! You, yes you, reading this, right now, should watch it! FROM YOUR COMPUTER!!! (Oh, goodness, technology is the best!) But really…

Tomorrow at 6pm Central Time, come watch Team Honduras and Team Guatemala perform! Just go to www.ctimusic.org/live, click on that link there, or click on this link here. (Or here, here or here!)

The show streaming starts at 6pm, but the show doesn’t start until 6:30 (central time), just log on anytime between or after. And if you don’t get the chance, but want to see it, snatch in from the archives after the performance!

That’s all I’ve really got… Thanks for reading! Prayers would be lovely! Have good days! (:

The CTI team, and only growing closer (:

The CTI team, and only growing closer (:


The Fun Has Begun!

This will be a super short post because I’m using not a computer! So far, I’ve met a million awesome people,refined my testimony, learned 8 songs in two days,and so much more! It’s very lovely(:
I hope everyone is having lovely days as well!

CTI Bound!

CTI Bound!


CTI: Guatemala

Man, time flies! Here I am writing the SEND OFF post for my missions trip! I remember trying out for CTI and not really being sure if I should do it, but now, here I am leaving for 6 weeks of a brand new experience.

I wish I could fill you in with everything that will be included here, but I’m not really sure. It should be ranging anything form text posts, like this, to photo sets (taken with my new Canon! Thanks, Mom!), and maybe even some videos. Who knows! This internet knows no bounds!

All I can say is that it’s 1am, I’m not quite done packing yet, and my mom and I are off to catch the flight at 6:30 tomorrow morning! Yikes. (Thanks college, for teaching me how to do things last minute and not sleep!)

Really, the point of this post is to let you, whoever you are that is reading this now (Hey! Thanks for reading!), that this is going to be where I will be posting updates from my missions trip with CTI. I will be spending 6 weeks with them playing keyboard in a worship band and spreading God’s hope. My first 4 weeks there will be spent in The States in Minnesota (where I will hopefully have some internet) training, and the last 2 in Guatemala. When I’m abroad with CTI, I will probably NOT be posting anything, but when I get back expect stories and photos!

While I’m gone, if you want to send any letters of packages (HINTHINT! Brianna!!!) you can go ahead and send it through USPS toooooooo:

Lisa Burhanna

C/O  CTI Music Ministries

PO Box 100

Willmar, MN 56201

And really, that’s all I have left to say. Oh wait! Please be praying for the team as we arrive and meet each other! And a thanks again to anyone who helped out financially!! It means the world to me! Really! (And your thank you card may just be getting into the mail…oopps!) Have a great 6 weeks, everyone. I’ll be seeing you around the internet until then!

With hope,

Lisa. (:

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